Vida Laya Pierce

Vida is my name, and I'm passionately proud to be a POC (Person of Color) yogini in Portland. I was born right here in this city (on the Northeast side, in fact), to two wonderful immigrant parents from Iran. I teach a blend of Ayurveda and yoga, infusing my teachings with my culture and heritage. In my classes we may explore breathing techniques, poses and movements, sound therapy, digestive therapy, aromatherapy, acupressure therapy (called Marma therapy by the Indians), meditation and more. Over time you will discover which of these tools and resources work best to bring balance, empowerment, and wellbeing into your life. It's my yogic aim and hope that you'll experience a playful and profound sense of community too. To keep in touch with me, check out... Persian Medicine Woman on facebook. I hope to practice Persian-infused Ayurvedic Yoga with you soon <3!!!