April Hauck

April fell in love with fitness as a 350 pound woman working on losing weight for her health. During that process, she realized that even when she was working hard she could find little bits of joy and laughter. From there, her journey of losing and gaining weight brought her to becoming a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and life coach which she has done for the last 8 years. However, it wasn't until she encountered Yoga that she moved into truly learning to love her body and move it without feeling like she had to hide it no matter her size. As a certified Yoga teacher from Kripalu School of Yoga she believes yoga is for all and she strives to create a safe environment where her students can feel free to relax and explore their bodies, abilities and emotions. Her classes are introspective, playful and sometimes challenging but they always end with a sweet relaxation and a joyful vibe to go back out into the world!