Anna Witmer

Anne has been a devoted yogini for over 15 years. After Hurricane Katrina forced her to flee her home in New Orleans, Anne moved to Big Sur, CA to live and work at the Esalen Institute. It was there that she completed her yoga teacher training in 2006. Since then, much of her work has focused on therapeutic yoga in which she utilizes asana practice and meditation to help students develop a more trusting relationship with their bodies. She has worked with survivors of domestic violence, people suffering from chronic pain and pregnant women preparing for labor and recovering from challenging births. She continues to be humbled and amazed, witnessing the profound effect yoga can have on people’s lives.Anne has been trained in vinyasa and yin yoga and likes to incorporate both styles in her classes. Her main goal in class is to create a total experience for the student combining spiritual themes, guided visualization, evocative music and poetry.In addition to teaching yoga, Anne holds a master’s degree in public health and is trained as a health educator. Anne loves to explore the world and has both traveled and worked as a volunteer in Asia, Africa and Latin America.  Her greatest joy in life comes from being a mom!