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Yoga for Better Sleep: 4 week series with Diane Thompson

Yoga can both energize and calm you. In this workshop we will learn focused yoga techniques to "lift" you during the day and calm you at night.

  • Practice postures that combat fatigue

  • Develop activities helping to transition from wakefulness to sleepiness

  • Learn to calm a restless or ruminating mind

Insomnia is complex. Yoga is being explored in clinical trials as a modality to improve sleep—a symptom soother. Diane Thompson is the ongoing yoga instructor in a study administered by the University of Rochester and Providence Health & Services to help people in cancer remission to manage insomnia. With this class, Diane brings her knowledge of yoga postures associated with restfulness to a wider audience.


May 12th-June 2nd 2019
4 weeks | $99
1 hour classes weekly
SUN 5:30pm - 6:30pm