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Spring Yin Intensive with Anne Witmer - The Element of Wood: Transforming Dreams into Action!

Spring Yin Intensive - The Element of Wood: Transforming Dreams into Action!

Springtime ushers in the start of the natural year and the emergence of a more active, external energy.   During this time we move out of the darkness of winter (the yin cycle) and into the light (yang cycle).  All that has been invisible now becomes visible.  

In Chinese Medicine, Spring is said to be dominated by the element of Wood which is associated with new beginnings, growth and creative manifestation.  When our wood energy is strong, we are optimistic, productive & able to turn our dreams into action. 

During this wokshop we will learn more about the energy of wood & practice specific yin poses that target the meridians & organs governed by this element (liver & gall bladder).  This will stimulate the flow of our wood chi, and help bolster our motivation to make needed changes & turn our ideas into actions. 

We will also discuss how living with unfulfilled desires can obstruct our wood chi and lead to anger, frustration and stagnation.  We will address this issue with a guided meditation to cultivate greater contentment and patience. If you have been feeling frustrated and are trying to make needed changes in your life, this is the workshop for you! 

$35 / $31.50 for YNW members. Pre-registration is required.