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Life After Loss: Yoga & Grief and Loss with Molly Lannon Kenny

Life after Loss: Yoga and Grief and Loss
We live in a culture obsessed with individualism, a culture that denies death, a culture that is uncomfortable with suffering and values fixing, or doing, over simply being. Our yoga practice encourages us to become deeply interested in our interconnectedness, to understand and accept death, and to develop the skills and wisdom necessary to simply sit with discomfort and even pain. In a world so deeply filled with suffering, in a life in which death is an inevitable part, how do we as yoga teachers and students reconcile our practice with our prevailing culture? How can we offer true solace to those who are experiencing acute, intense grief? Join Molly Lannon Kenny as she talks us through the conundrum and offers years of experience, practical tools, and both encouragement and caveats for working with people in this most tender of human experiences.

$50 / $40 early bird pricing through Septmeber 30th