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Dive Intuit: Exploring the intersection of yoga and social change with Molly Lannon Kenny

Dive Intuit:Exploring the intersection of yoga and social change - Friday, October 11th - Sunday, October 13th! Join any or all of the four workshops. The weekend will build on itself but will also joyfully include those who can only make it for one or two classes.

Join visionary teacher and change-maker Molly Lannon Kenny for this weekend of classes exploring the ways in which our yoga practice - a practice of profound individual transformation - can create real and radical social change.

While Molly is a treasure trove of knowledge and experience in yoga, vedanta and mysticism, these classes will be less didactic and more exploratory. They are guided opportunities to think about our practice in a brand new way, to understand the depth of the yogic tradition and how it can truly guide us in our every day life. You will leave every class challenged, inspired and ever more deeply connected to your own practice and sense of responsibility, while gaining a wealth of new information, terms and perspectives.

Friday, October 11th, 6:30 - 9pm: The path of action, the path of contemplation

We will open the weekend with a lively and loving discussion on the complementary paths of action and contemplation. How does our practice of yoga on the mat, or our meditations on the cushion, truly inspire skillful action? How does our commitment to deep inner searching invite an ever opening mind and heart? How does this "polishing of the mirror" result in our capacity to see things as they are, including our own biases, fears and limitations? And once we see those - how do we transform them into courageous effort on behalf of our community, our country and our world?

Class will include chanting, meditation, discussion and some light movement.

Saturday, October 12th, 2 - 4:30pm: Bodhicitta and bodhisattva - what can we learn from these concepts from the Buddhist tradition

In this class, we will define and unpack these two concepts and see how they might further inform our everyday actions. We will consider how the brahma viharas - or four immeasurables- of Buddhist practice are perfectly reflected in the Yoga Sutras and in the bible, and why these concepts have endured and persisted as perennial wisdom. We will consider them as living admonishments and encourage their practice in our own every day life.

Class will include chanting, meditation, discussion and some light movement.

Saturday, October 12th, 5:30 - 8pm: The power of partnership

This evening will be dedicated to examining the ways in which we create connection and disconnection - in our language, in our actions and reactions, in our teaching and in our listening and learning. We will look at the ways in which we value partnership as well as the ways in which we inadvertently diminish our capacity for authentic conscious relationship. We will consider what the scriptures say about partnership, connection and "othering" and how we might increase our own capacity for discernment, forgiveness and letting go.

Class will include chanting, meditation, discussion and some light movement.

Sunday, October 13th, 12:30 - 3pm: Putting it all together: Creating and committing to practices of self-efficacy and self-inquiry

In this closing class, we will look at specific techniques that allow us to move our yoga practice to an even more seasoned and nuanced level. We will consider how meditation, contemplation, and guided spiritual study help us to build our relationship with divine presence, and how that relationship can help us in turn to speak and act from a place of steadiness, kindness and clarity.

Molly Lannon Kenny is a writer, teacher and therapist, who has spent over thirty years dedicating herself to individual transformation and radical social change. She was the founder of the Samarya Center, the northwest’s first non-profit yoga center devoted to social justice, equity and radical inclusion where she served as spiritual director and visionary for over 15 years. She has been published extensively and is the author of an essay collection called “No Gurus Came Knocking,” focusing on yoga, spirituality and every day life. She is past Vice President of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and has served on the board of Yoga Service Council. She recently graduated from the Living School, a two year program through the Center for Action and Contemplation that focuses on Christian mysticism, headed by Father Richard Rohr, author of the recent best seller “The Universal Christ.” Molly lives full time in Mexico where she leads annual training retreats in Bedside Yoga – Yoga and End of Life Care. She also offers contemplative retreats in Eastern Washington, and personal retreats at her home in Mexico.

To get a sense of Molly and her style, please listen to her recent interview on the J Brown Yoga podcast, or check out her most recently published article on Elephant Journal, where she shares her journey of grief following the death of her sister in October 2018. You can also visit her website -


Entire weekend (all four workshops): $160 / $150 early bird before Sept 25th 

Individual workshops: $50 each / $45 early bird before Sept 25th

*When registering for individual workshops, please be sure to choose the pricing option that corresponds to your specific workshop. This will assure that you are enrolled in the correct workshop of your choosing. Questions? Email