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Late Summer Yin Intensive- The Element of Earth: Cultivating Balance & Contentment

According to Chinese Medicine, after Yang energy peaks at the height of summer and prior to the arrival of the Yin phase of the year, there is a unique “5th season” of late Summer, governed by the element of Earth. Earth energy provides a stabilizing force during times of transition. When our Earth Chi is strong, we feel grounded and at ease and are able to appreciate living in the present moment. When are earth Chi is weak, the mind is unsettled and consumed with worry. This can show up in the body as digestive issues, over or under eating and genergal dullness & lethargy. 

Join Anne Witmer for this 2 hour workshop where we will learn how to strengthen and mobilize our earth energy through specific yin poses that target the meridians and organs governed by earth (stomach & spleen). Through meditation and self-inquiry, we will work to quiet the voices of worry and anxiety and cultivate a deeper sense of inner contentment.  Please pre-register to guarantee your spot!

$35/ $31.50 for YNW members 

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