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Summer Yin Intensive: The Element of Fire - Opening to Love & Joy with Anne Witmer

Summertime and the living is easy…. that is, if your fire chi (energy) is strong and balanced.   According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the element of fire is dominant during summer, when the sun (the ultimate source of fire energy) is at its strongest.   Strong fire chi manifests within us as love, laughter, vitality and enthusiasm for life and allows us to be warm and generous with others.  When our fire chi is weak we become bored with life, feel depressed and struggle with social relationships.  During this 2-hour workshop, you will learn how specific Yin poses can be used to strengthen and balance your internal fire energy.   This practice along with breathwork and guided meditation will help you open your heart to more joy and love and re-ignite your passion & vitality.  $35/ $31.50 for YNW members