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Free Your Shoulders! with Carol Grimes

A four week workshop series / Sunday, June 3rd - June 24th  11A - 12:15P 

Do you have chronically tight shoulders or have a habit of holding tension in and around your shoulders?

Do you want your shoulders to feel free and open, strong and stable? The shoulders are the most mobile joint in the body, yet for many of us they feel chronically "stuck" and/or "weak" due to stress, injury, or habits formed in our modern lifestyle. In this 4-week series you will learn how to both open and strengthen your shoulders, allowing you to move with more ease and freedom.

In this class, you will:

• Practice therapeutic movement techniques to release and relax shoulder tension

• Strengthen and align the shoulders to improve stability and mobility

• Fall in love with your shoulders all over again!

This series is limited to 8 participants. Reserve your spot now! $85 / $77 for YNW members.