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Yoga for Bone Strength & Health with Diane Thompson

Yoga has been shown in peer-reviewed publications to reverse osteoporosis and osteopenia and in over 100,000 hours of use, has caused no fractures or serious injuries of any kind.
In this workshop attributed to Dr. Loren Fishman and Ellen Saltenstall, you will:
• experience and practice yoga poses that build new bone
• learn about the physiology of osteoporosis, effects of medications and what movements to avoid
• improve your balance and co-ordination to prevent falling

About the instructor: Diane Thompson, RYT 200 Diane is living proof of the effects of yoga on increasing her bone strength, bone quality and her balance. Diagnosed with osteoporosis in her spine and osteopenia in her hips, she has after 2 years of committed yoga increased her bone mineral density back to normal levels in her hips and osteopenia level in her spine, without the use of medications. She is a registered yoga teacher for the Dr. Fishman Method of Yoga for Osteoporosis. Contact Diane at 503-860-9244 or

$35 / $31.50 for YNW members