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The Foot & Posture Workshop with Carol Grimes and Kerri Maskol

Your feet are an often-abused yet overlooked part of your body. In this workshop, we will learn ways to release and strengthen the feet, then look at how your posture, alignment, and walking pattern may be causing you pain.

In this class, you will:
• Learn foot releases, stretches and strengthening exercises
• Evaluate your walking/gait patterns for reduced pain and greater efficiency
• Practice yoga techniques to increase awareness and improve the long-term health of the feet
• Explore simple posture assessment to alleviate tension and imbalances in the body

Workshop cost: $60 / $54 for Yoga NW members. Sign up online to secure your space. A pinky ball and informational handouts are included with tuition.

About the instructors: Kerri Maskol is a pilates instructor and movement educator with a specialized focus on feet and gait patterns. Kerri studied Foot & Gait Therapy under the mentorship of master trainer Nancy Myers as well as rehabilitation work with Lizz Roman, and has trained with author and bio-mechanist Katy Bowman and James Earls of Anatomy Trains UK. She delights in helping her clients achieve their health and wellness goals so they can move through life pain-free, with greater ease and grace.

Carol Grimes is a yoga and meditation teacher who specializes in yoga, mindful movement, and meditation for people with physical pain or emotional stress. She has studied with Doug Keller, Monicka Koneski, and Gary Krafstow in the fields of therapeutic yoga and yoga for chronic pain and is also certified in Love Your Brain Yoga. Carol's teaching is designed to heal and realign the body into long-term healthy movement patterns and to help bring a sense of ease and restoration to body and mind.