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Autumn Yin Intensive with Anne Witmer - SOLD OUT

This event has sold out. The next Yin Intensive worshop will be held on January 27th. Registration will be open soon! 

Autumn Yin Intensive with Anne Witmer
The Element of Metal & the Art of Letting Go

In Chinese medicine, Autumn is viewed as the start of the Yin season as it brings the onset of descending metal chi (energy). We observe the falling of leaves, feel a crispness in the air and sense a pull to turn inward. Metal energy challenges us to deal with change and loss and is associated with the emotion of grief. But metal is also associated with courage, resilience and the ability to truly appreciate the beauty of life in each moment.

During this two hour workshop we will engage in an in-depth, yin yoga practice to stimulate the organs and meridians governed by metal (the lungs & large intestine) and learn more about how this energy affects our body and mind. This will be followed by a guided meditation to help release resistance to changes and loss and allow us to surrender into a deeper state of peace.

$35 / $31.50 for Yoga NW Members