KARIMA BORNI I am honored and excited to be teaching in such a unique and supportive community that is Yoga NW. My classes are based in the Forrest yoga tradition. As a teacher I seek to provide an opportunity for students to explore both their physical landscape and inner world. I meet students where they are, at any level. I see the depths of embodied sensation as a portal to self-knowledge and well-being. Its the holistic focus and compassionate discipline of a yoga practice that has brought so much physical and emotional healing to my own life -- and I strive to bring that to my students as well. 

LOUISE BOTTERILL began the journey of fitness and healing after working with horses competitively for over a decade.  After a debilitating injury she was introduced to yoga by Todd Williamson (co-owner of OmBase) and fell in love with the practice in 2002.  Louise has since studied up and down the West Coast of the United States, Hawaii, and Mexico- including teacher training with Erich Schiffmann in Freedom style yoga which has greatly shaped the practice she holds today. It was through Yoga that Louise was guided towards a practice of energy medicine. Certified Reiki II practitioner in the Usui/Holy fire Karuna Lineage.  She sees clients privately for Reiki, Hands on healing, gemstone therapy and sound healing. She holds workshops and retreats in yoga, Meditation, energy work and sound healing.  She has continued training and expansion of her practice through trainings with Gemisphere, Reiki masters, and private studies. Louise has found ways to not only expand the mind, but also the body- she has been a hair stylist for 15 years, is an avid scuba diver, animal lover, rock climber, and competitive stand up paddle boarder (SUP).  She has been certified through Paddle Into Fittness to teach SUP 101, SUP Yoga, SUP Fitness, and Advance Stroke Technique.  Louise also currently holds certifications in the following: World Paddle Association Level I, CPR, AED, and is working towards ACE and Therapeutic personal trainer. With Plans to continue her reiki training moving onto Reiki Master in the fall.

BONNY CHIPMAN My passion is making yoga accessible to all! I teach a variety of body positive classes, workshops, and private lessons including Yoga for Anxiety, Chair yoga, Yin Yoga, and Accessible Yoga classes for seniors and adults with disabilities. I'm a certified yoga instructor (E-RYT 200) and have studied accessible and therapeutic methods, as well as Reiki energy healing. I am proud to serve as a member of the Accessible Yoga communication team and as a Yoga and Body Image Coalition Community Partner helping to spread the message that yoga is for everyone! My journey continues as a student of Unfold Studio's Integrated Movement Therapy program and as the proud owner of Yoga NW. A lover of creative movement and a life-long dancer, I have studied and performed a variety of dance forms and have strong roots in ballet and tribal belly dance. I'm also the founder of Bhavana Dance Ensemble, a collaborative belly dance fusion group. For more about me, please visit my web site at www.dancingyoginiwellness.com

HEATHER JONES Yoga has been life changing for Heather, and she wishes to share this gift by making it real and accessible for EVERY body! Heather is an advocate for body image positivity, and loves nurturing her students with a down-to-earth exploration of breath, awareness, movement and compassion. In her teaching, Heather enjoys working with people from all walks of life, particularly those who otherwise have felt unsure, unseen or shut out in previous yoga and movement experiences. For more about Heather, visit her web site at www.curvyyogapdx.com

HEATHER KLAWENDER My love affair with movement began at age three when I started dancing. I have a profound appreciation for the self awareness, connectedness, spaciousness, and peace which physical practice brings to each individual. I have been practicing yoga for more than 13 years and am honored to have been certified in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga under the tutelage of Sarah Trelease. I am personally committed to yoga asana as a form of moving meditation on a daily basis as a way of staying mindful, centered and whole. My teaching focuses on alignment, connection to the breath, presence, compassion and awareness. I aim to help my students build confidence in their abilities and loving kindness toward themselves. I strive to create an environment in which all feel completely welcome and accepted regardless of where they are at in their practice; a positive space from which to learn, grow and thrive. I am humbled with gratitude at the opportunity to share presence, space, and breath with the Yoga NW community.

MINGA LILY is a teacher and healer whose life, studies and work span continents and cross cultures. In her personal and professional life, she integrates a profound grounding in Eastern philosophies and traditional healing methods with modern Western psychology to create a program of healing and movement practices that one client has called her “own ineffable magic.”American-born and raised in Thailand, minga’s first contact with the healing that has become her life’s practice began at the age of 8, with her introduction to Thai massage. At 16, she returned to the States and embarked on journey that would take her from the adversity of homelessness on the streets of San Francisco all the way to the ivy-covered halls of Yale University, where her Eastern-cultured mind met the study of developmental psychology in Yale’s prestigious child development program and the rigors of the pre-medical program. From 1992, under the guidance of her mentor, teacher and friend Asokananda, author of The Art of Traditional Thai Massage, minga spent three post university years in Thailand engaged in a rigorous study and practice of meditation and traditional healing methods, including Thai medicine and yoga. This gave her a solid grounding in the structure and mechanics of the body and the flow of prana, as well as an acute understanding of the habits and tendencies of the mind. She furthered her studies with Joseph and Lilian Le Paige in the IYT method and has taught at their center Montanha Encantada in Brazil since 2008.Her professional work has developed over the past twenty years Daily, she celebrates the ability of each person to engage in natural healing processes and to develop a practice of self-care  from which optimal health can emerge and blossom. Her greatest desire is to lead others to find the unique practices that will sustain a lifetime of growing awareness, understanding, ability and willingness to attend to all Five Bodies. She approaches all her work with loving kindness and patience for the healing process.Now making her home in Oregon, minga welcomes students of all levels to her self-care classes and workshops. For individual sessions, minga prefers to work with students who are motivated to carry their learning forward and integrate these healing methods into their daily lives.You may contact her directly at minga@mettariver.com.

ANNA MITRA is an Oregon-native yoga teacher. Her intention is to help her students re-discover the magic they hold within their own body, and to encourage curiosity, inner awareness, and play. Her classes are an accessible blend of dynamic explorative flow and modern therapeutics that encourage students to reconnect with their deeply intuitive nature through mindfulness, movement, and breath.Anna found yoga early in her life, when her mentor and friend opened the first and only yoga studio in her hometown of Klamath Falls. Her hope is to create real, lasting relationships, with the earth, with ritual, and with each other. She believes that yoga is a powerful practice that constantly asks us to take hard, honest looks at ourselves, and to see our reflection mirrored in every other living thing, every moment of the day.Anna is a lifelong student. She completed her 200hr certification at Yoga Union, under the guidance and inspiration of her beloved teacher, Annie Adamson. Having connected so deeply to Annie’s teachings, Anna is also enrolled in Yoga Union’s 300hr training in Holistic Yoga Therapeutics, which she will complete in August 2017. For more about Anna, visit her web site at www.annamitrayoga.com

SUSIE NEIGHBORS brings 16 years of teaching experience inspired by some of the Worlds’ Greatest Masters. An eclectic upbeat style influenced by the Athletic Ashtanga/”Power Yoga” (studied w/ Tim Miller , Beryl Bender & Thom Birch, students of Patthabi Jois, who invented this style), the Allignment of Iyengar (studied w/ Patricia Walden, Rodney Yee, Pyllis Pilgram, students of Iyengar himself, as well as Julie Lawrene, Elise Miller, Bob Smith etc). & also Anusara (studied w/ John Friend,SaraJoy Marsh)An ex-competitive Runner(Track & XC @ UO) , Susie enjoyed her 1st yoga class in the ‘70’s taught by a guy in a turban, though her father told her to go to Mass instead!! She benefitted from the lighthearted relaxed feeling from this class, singing “May the light within me guide my way home” on dark, rainy Eugene days. In 1995, yoga was prescribed in Physical Therapy after a terrible downhill ski crash, ER surgery for a broken femur. The physical, mental & emotional effects were amazing & she began teaching right away. Pictured here with “my old dog Bud, who may have kept me from doing full splits in this photo, but he taught me how to do downward dog better than any human & he forced upon me some of the higher yoga wisdom especially late in life; moving more slowly, taking time, celebrating every day, every moment, every sniff, taste, touch with gratitude & grace & pure Love despite his pain.”

OH PREMA I am an instructor who emphasizes a subtle, sensory oriented relationship with breath and body. I like to play with sequences that continually come back to body-heart centering, that strengthen, align, and flow. I am a self-love adventurer and a connector of the disjointed. Pranayama, chanting, and a deeply personal experience of the practice are all very important elements of my classes. As a mother, yoga has been key to a deeper relationship with my children and myself. Coming home to the present moment again and again- especially in difficult moments- brings me the greatest meaning and joy. I like the weirdly uncomfortable moments, the clear moments, the dissonance and resonance, the heart cleave and the soul bath. I took my 1st teacher training through 8 Limbs Yoga in Seattle in 2005 and I received my 200hr YTT from SOLA School in 2014. I am currently working toward my 500hr YTT through SOLA as well. I am humbled and grateful for this path.I can be found around town teaching and subbing at various studios. www.ohprema.org

LUCIANA PROANO  is a Peruvian dancer, artist, yoga teacher, and more!  She has lived in Portland, Oregon since 1994, from where she continues dancing, teaching and touring. Here are 3 reasons to come to her yoga class: you think you will never be flexible, you think you are too old or have too many injuries, you think you are too advanced. For more about Luciana, visit her website: www.lucianaproano.com 

SHEILA SCHMID I took my first yoga class in 1985 Bellingham, Washington while attending Western Washington University. It’s a yoga story. I was walking to my early morning psychology class, looked into the window of Fairhaven college and noticed a group of people doing yoga. I decided to attend the class; longhaired students, incense, and chanting….yes, old-school yoga, and fell instantly in love. I knew there was something good going on and have been practicing ever since.Along the way, I acquired degrees in psychology and counseling, working as a professional counselor for 15 years in various settings including schools, hospitals, private practice and community clinics. I have always taught yoga classes and maintained my personal practice.In 2000, I realized I was doing ‘therapy’ while teaching, and ‘yoga’ while with my counseling clients. The line between what was getting my clients better was starting to blur…the yoga and the counseling were starting to intersect in the areas of relaxation, breathing techniques, mediation practice, guided imagery, and the yoga poses I asked clients to do to alleviate their symptoms of depression, anxiety, and grief. In 2005, I made the transition into teaching yoga and yoga therapy full time. I have taught all over the country at various studios and locations, conducted retreats and workshops for both students and new yoga teachers. I have helped open as well as managed yoga studios both in Portland, and Hood River, OR. I teach a high-level, professional, safe, accessible yoga class with beginning meditation. My students feel welcome, in good hands, and get their yoga needs met. I maintain a private psychotherapy practice for clients. Please contact me directly to schedule an appointment.

JODIE SNYDER I was born Jodie, but this past year Jyoti was a name given to me while traveling in India. Jyoti means "light" in Sanskrit. As a lover of light and a guiding principle in my life, the name resonated deeply with me.  My work in the world is to guide illumination through the path of yoga. I encourage self study, awareness and integration of all aspects of our being both on and off the mat.  I see yoga as unified with the world, and it is the lens through which I view all relationships.I am a lifelong student practicing for the last 15 years.  I completed my 200 hour teacher training with Alex and Teri Cole in Portland, OR in 2013 and have many supplemental trainings including Elevate with Jill Knouse and Yin teacher training with Raj and Kelly Patel.  I am currently completed a year long 250 hour training with my primary teacher Britt B. Steele.Every teacher has brought a new perspective to my own classes.  As an instructor, I create space for students to explore their breath, invigorate their bodies through movement and find stillness in their minds. My greatest teachings have come through living my practice, day by day.  I am a lover of travel, nature, photography and writing as well as an avid reader. I share time between Portland, OR and Lanikai, HI with my partner and love of 20 years, two teenage kiddos and multiple pets.

KASEY STEWART first came to yoga in the early 2000’s looking for a strong workout and a good stretch. As an athlete and a dancer in her youth, it seemed like a natural transition. Then, many years of practice later, it clicked — yoga can be about so much more. Since 2010, Kasey has been a volunteer teacher with Living Yoga, a local organization that brings trauma-informed yoga classes to youth and adults who are incarcerated, in recovery or accessing other types of transitional services. This experience sparked a desire to share the practice with a broader population and in 2012, she completed the 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program at The Movement Center in Portland, OR. Since then, she has gained valuable experience guiding students through many different styles of practice, including hatha, hatha flow, gentle/adaptive, yin and restorative. Her classes combine alignment-based yoga with an emphasis on cultivating greater awareness both on the mat and in your life. She views the body as a vehicle that can lead you toward greater freedom in the mind and heart — once you begin to befriend it, you can truly grow.

MICHAEL WARD There are many styles of yoga, many physical expressions of the practice, but at its root, all yoga is the same. It all begins and ends in the heart. Everyone who practices yoga has a yoga origin story, and most of them begin with this: “I fell in love with yoga at my first yoga class.” Not mine. I hated yoga at my first yoga class. Not the physical aspects of it, the demanding alignment, the vigorousness of the poses, the stringent sequencing (I took my first yoga class at a Bikram studio) — no, I actually loved all of that. It was very appealing. What I rejected, what I fought against, was the way yoga worked on my heart.The emotional release, the insistent tug of emotional awareness, the opening and reopening of the heart: this was yoga, and this was its hardest lesson. It took some years to appreciate this, to learn not to fear it. But this is yoga’s greatest gift, the part of yoga that is universal and ineluctable. It is the yoga one practices outside of the studio. My hope is that no matter what I’m teaching, what poses I offer, the practitioner will come to appreciate this aspect, beyond the physical, beyond the bounded consciousness, beyond the human. It is the pose within the pose that matters.

ANNE WITMER has been a devoted yogini for over 15 years. After Hurricane Katrina forced her to flee her home in New Orleans, Anne moved to Big Sur, CA to live and work at the Esalen Institute. It was there that she completed her yoga teacher training in 2006. Since then, much of her work has focused on therapeutic yoga in which she utilizes asana practice and meditation to help students develop a more trusting relationship with their bodies. She has worked with survivors of domestic violence, people suffering from chronic pain and pregnant women preparing for labor and recovering from challenging births. She continues to be humbled and amazed, witnessing the profound effect yoga can have on people’s lives.Anne has been trained in vinyasa and yin yoga and likes to incorporate both styles in her classes. Her main goal in class is to create a total experience for the student combining spiritual themes, guided visualization, evocative music and poetry.In addition to teaching yoga, Anne holds a master’s degree in public health and is trained as a heath educator. Anne loves to explore the world and has both traveled and worked as a volunteer in Asia, Africa and Latin America.  Her greatest joy in life comes from being a mom!