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AMY ASCH I had tried and even loved yoga but not until i spiraled into a really dark painful place did i get to realize the transformative power of yoga! It is an ongoing practice of returning to my heart-center and responding to all the people and situations in my life with a deeper grace, clarity, and love. These practices have enabled me to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and to dial into my truth and trust my inner knowing. As a teacher, I love to connect with my students and support them in opening up to that potency within themselves! 



LAURA BLAKE is a passionate dance performer and teacher, yoga teacher, intersectional feminist, and queer/alternative living advocate.  The last 10 years of their life has been devoted to breaking down social constructs, learning about alternative living, living in queer space, and studying art, yoga, teaching, and performance.  They have a passion for social justice and deeply value inclusive classroom spaces.  We’re all on a journey to learn how to interact with the world with more kindness, knowledge and inclusiveness. They completed their 200-hour Teacher Training through the Sola School of Contemplative Arts, which they chose due to the school’s focus on respect, social justice, science, and spirit.  Yoga is a tool for everyone to care for themselves, and through sharing it, their communities.

BONNY CHIPMAN My passion is making yoga accessible to all! I teach a variety of body positive classes, workshops, and private lessons including Yoga for Anxiety, Chair yoga, Yin Yoga, and Accessible Yoga classes for seniors and adults with disabilities. I'm a certified yoga instructor (E-RYT 200) and have studied accessible and therapeutic methods, as well as Reiki energy healing. I am proud to serve as a member of the Accessible Yoga communication team and as a Yoga and Body Image Coalition Community Partner helping to spread the message that yoga is for everyone! My journey continues as a student of Unfold Studio's Integrated Movement Therapy program and as the proud owner of Yoga NW. A lover of creative movement and a life-long dancer, I have studied and performed a variety of dance forms and have strong roots in ballet and tribal belly dance. I'm also the founder of Bhavana Dance Ensemble, a collaborative belly dance fusion group. 

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AMY DA SILVA discovered a regular Yoga practice at PSU, where she practiced for 4 years, until graduating in 2006. She returned to a steady practice in early 2010, at a transitional point in her life, and found that Yoga was the answer to a lifestyle shift, and the fulfilling career change she was looking for! Once the decision to pursue her Teacher Training was made, the Universe aligned itself in such a way to allow her to complete a 200 Hour Power Yoga Teacher Training at CorePower Yoga. She believes that everyone can find joy in Yoga, “you just need to find your style”.

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April Hauck  fell in love with fitness as a 350 pound woman working on losing weight for her health. During that process, she realized that even when she was working hard she could find little bits of joy and laughter. From there, her journey of losing and gaining weight brought her to becoming a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and life coach which she has done for the last 8 years. However, it wasn't until she encountered Yoga that she moved into truly learning to love her body and move it without feeling like she had to hide it no matter her size. As a certified Yoga teacher from Kripalu School of Yoga she believes yoga is for all and she strives to create a safe environment where her students can feel free to relax and explore their bodies, abilities and emotions. Her classes are introspective, playful and sometimes challenging but they always end with a sweet relaxation and a joyful vibe to go back out into the world!

HEATHER JONES Yoga has been life changing for Heather, and she wishes to share this gift by making it real and accessible for EVERY body! Heather is an advocate for body image positivity, and loves nurturing her students with a down-to-earth exploration of breath, awareness, movement and compassion. In her teaching, Heather enjoys working with people from all walks of life, particularly those who otherwise have felt unsure, unseen or shut out in previous yoga and movement experiences. For more about Heather, visit her web site at

ELIZABETH MARSHALL Passionate about helping others cultivate wellness and balance in their lives, Elizabeth Marshall is a certified and registered yoga instructor specializing in vinyasa flow, power vinyasa, restorative, yin, and pre/post natal yoga styles. Like so many people around the globe, Elizabeth found yoga to be a deeply healing and restorative practice in her own life, and it is her mission to assist those wanting to deepen their physical and spiritual health. Additionally, Elizabeth has been studying energy healing and complimentary wellness techniques for the past ten years.  Though a fan of several therapeutic modalities, Reiki is Elizabeth’s passion and she is a fully certified Reiki Master Teacher.  Constantly learning and seeking new methods of supportive holistic wellness, all of Elizabeth’s Reiki sessions are infused with the latest techniques and supporting methods that are custom suited to each client and their individual needs.  To continue her studies in the fitness and wellness industry, Elizabeth is currently training to become a Stott Pilates instructor at Pacific Northwest Pilates in Portland. When Elizabeth is not practicing yoga, Pilates, or administering healing sessions, she is working as a classically trained cellist in Portland and Las Vegas, and in venues all over the world.  Performing regularly with the Las Vegas Philharmonic and Nevada Chamber Symphony, Elizabeth is also a cello teacher and published author, writing articles for Strings Magazine on all string player-related subjects.To learn more about Elizabeth, please visit her website at

ANNA MITRA is an Oregon-native yoga teacher. Her intention is to help her students re-discover the magic they hold within their own body, and to encourage curiosity, inner awareness, and play. Her classes are an accessible blend of dynamic explorative flow and modern therapeutics that encourage students to reconnect with their deeply intuitive nature through mindfulness, movement, and breath.Anna found yoga early in her life, when her mentor and friend opened the first and only yoga studio in her hometown of Klamath Falls. Her hope is to create real, lasting relationships, with the earth, with ritual, and with each other. She believes that yoga is a powerful practice that constantly asks us to take hard, honest looks at ourselves, and to see our reflection mirrored in every other living thing, every moment of the day. Anna is a lifelong student. She completed her 200hr certification at Yoga Union, under the guidance and inspiration of her beloved teacher, Annie Adamson. Having connected so deeply to Annie’s teachings, Anna has now also completed Yoga Union’s 300hr training in Holistic Yoga Therapeutics. For more about Anna, visit her web site at

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NANCY NOVITCH is an advocate of inclusive movement and health at every size on and off the mat. Her teaching style regularly incorporates loving-kindness meditation, pranayama, and deep relaxation techniques as a way to discover and strengthen mind-body pathways. Nancy is currently an MS candidate in the Leadership for Sustainability Education program at Portland State University, and enjoys bringing what she learns about social justice, conflict resolution, and human connectivity to her yoga community. She is a graduate of the Sola School of Contemplative Arts in Portland, Oregon. 

LUCIANA PROANO  is a Peruvian dancer, artist, yoga teacher, and more!  She has lived in Portland, Oregon since 1994, from where she continues dancing, teaching and touring. Here are 3 reasons to come to her yoga class: you think you will never be flexible, you think you are too old or have too many injuries, you think you are too advanced. For more about Luciana, visit her website: 


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VIDA LAYA PIERCE is my name, and I'm passionately proud to be a POC (Person of Color) yogini in Portland. I was born right here in this city (on the Northeast side, in fact), to two wonderful immigrant parents from Iran. I teach a blend of Ayurveda and yoga, infusing my teachings with my culture and heritage. In my classes we may explore breathing techniques, poses and movements, sound therapy, digestive therapy, aromatherapy, acupressure therapy (called Marma therapy by the Indians), meditation and more. Over time you will discover which of these tools and resources work best to bring balance, empowerment, and wellbeing into your life. It's my yogic aim and hope that you'll experience a playful and profound sense of community too. To keep in touch with me, check out... Persian Medicine Woman on facebook. I hope to practice Persian-infused Ayurvedic Yoga with you soon <3!!!

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JENN NOBLE is on a mission to show that Yoga is accessible to all who seek it.  She brings a deeply sincere, yet light hearted approach to teaching which will leave you feeling grounded, inspired, and empowered. She loves to go deep; whether it’s into the hips or into the heart, and has a passion for helping you find a practice that’s best for you. Her teaching style is very much a reflection of her experiences in martial arts, injury rehabilitation, meditation, and her deep reverence for life. Jenn has traveled to India twice (in 2013 and 2016) where she received her 200 and 300 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Certifications.  She also holds a degree in music and is deeply dedicated to her meditation and mantra practice. She loves to integrate Kirtan into her classes, and her own life. If you see her with her harmonium in tow, you're in for a treat. Visit to learn more.

KASEY STEWART first came to yoga in the early 2000’s looking for a strong workout and a good stretch. As an athlete and a dancer in her youth, it seemed like a natural transition. Then, many years of practice later, it clicked — yoga can be about so much more. Since 2010, Kasey has been a volunteer teacher with Living Yoga, a local organization that brings trauma-informed yoga classes to youth and adults who are incarcerated, in recovery or accessing other types of transitional services. This experience sparked a desire to share the practice with a broader population and in 2012, she completed the 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program at The Movement Center in Portland, OR. Since then, she has gained valuable experience guiding students through many different styles of practice, including hatha, hatha flow, gentle/adaptive, yin and restorative. Her classes combine alignment-based yoga with an emphasis on cultivating greater awareness both on the mat and in your life. She views the body as a vehicle that can lead you toward greater freedom in the mind and heart — once you begin to befriend it, you can truly grow.

RACHEL SWINDLE I came to the practice of yoga during a transitional period of my life- I was 18 and spending a gap year living with my aunt in Hawaii, who introduced me to meditation and shortly thereafter took me to my first yoga class. After years of competitive figure skating, the physical aspects of the asanas came relatively natural to me. It was the quiet awareness of meditation and pranayama that both intrigued and humbled me. After practicing yin, Ashtanga, and Jivamukti yoga for about seven years, I enrolled in a 200-hour teaching training. Yoga has been such a beautiful part of my life and I wanted to learn more about this practice, as I genuinely find all aspects of yoga to be incredibly fascinating- the history, the language, the philosophy, the postures, the anatomy, all of it! For me, the most important approach to yoga is this idea that yoga can look so many different ways—you don’t have to practice two hours of asana and an hour of meditation and pranayama every morning to be a ‘good’ yogi and live a lifestyle that is rooted in compassion, non-harming, and self-care.  Yoga can be what you need it to be and that may [and probably will!] look quite different as you go through different times during your life, and even from day to day.  We are all so busy and it can be really challenging to take time to take care of our bodies, but through yoga I developed this ability to start listening to my body and noticing what my body needs to feel really good.  We all deserve that—feeling safe, loved, and nourished in our bodies. I hope to share that passion with my students at Yoga NW. My goal as a teacher is to empower my students with the tools to develop a lifelong, sustainable yoga practice that is rooted in the principles of self-care and listening to what your body needs in that moment, to provide a space for students that is driven by a sense of community and belonging, and to encourage students to practice gratitude for their bodies and all that they are capable of.

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ANNE WITMER has been a devoted yogini for over 15 years. After Hurricane Katrina forced her to flee her home in New Orleans, Anne moved to Big Sur, CA to live and work at the Esalen Institute. It was there that she completed her yoga teacher training in 2006. Since then, much of her work has focused on therapeutic yoga in which she utilizes asana practice and meditation to help students develop a more trusting relationship with their bodies. She has worked with survivors of domestic violence, people suffering from chronic pain and pregnant women preparing for labor and recovering from challenging births. She continues to be humbled and amazed, witnessing the profound effect yoga can have on people’s lives.Anne has been trained in vinyasa and yin yoga and likes to incorporate both styles in her classes. Her main goal in class is to create a total experience for the student combining spiritual themes, guided visualization, evocative music and poetry.In addition to teaching yoga, Anne holds a master’s degree in public health and is trained as a health educator. Anne loves to explore the world and has both traveled and worked as a volunteer in Asia, Africa and Latin America.  Her greatest joy in life comes from being a mom!