In addition to physical postures, many of our teachers share yoga philosophy, meditation, conscious breathing, and chanting during class.

Yoga/Flow This style of yoga is built upon the union of breath and movement. This class may include sun salutations, as well as other flowing sequences, with an emphasis on mindfulness of movement as well as breath.

Yoga/Strength & Stability This style of yoga focuses on creating balance in the body and mind. In this class, emphasis is on building strength and stability through a variety of poses which are often held for several breaths or more.

Gentle Yoga All levels, appropriate for those new to yoga. This class is ideal for those seeking a slower pace and more relaxing practice, as well as those with injuries and/or physical challenges. May include a variety of floor based poses as well as some standing poses. 

Yin Yoga is a slow, quiet practice during which poses are held for long amounts of time (3-5 minutes) with an emphasis on targeting fascia while relaxing the muscles. The purpose of this practice, as described by the architect of Yin Yoga as we know it today, Paul Grilley, is to harmonize the flow of "chi" or energy in the body. Yin and Yang forms of yoga balance each other beautifully. Adding a Yin practice in addition to your Yang, or more energetic yoga practice, can be very harmonizing physically, emotionally, and energetically. 

Curvy Yoga Through a variety of yoga styles and open, fun conversation, we will explore our practice inclusive of our beautiful & ample bodacious curves. No condemnation for our bodies; only real talk and a loving embrace! Make peace with those parts of you that have felt like a hurdle you needed to work around, and experience the joy of practicing WITH everything you bring to the mat. Shed self-criticism as you make way for a healthy self-image and a renewed relationship with yoga, and learn appropriate modifications for every shape and size that will turn even the most frustrating of postures into nurturing and safe alignment-based movement.

Restorative Yoga A class to rejuvenate the body. As we find ourselves "on the go" all the time, we are giving our bodies and minds less time to recover and heal. It can be hard to sit and meditate alone, and our minds often convince us we are "cheating" if we are in a relaxing shape while doing so. When the body feels fully supported and safe, it unwinds and let's go, offering a deeper rejuvenation to body and mind. Giving our minds the opportunity to feel stored and allowing for a deeper sleep. In this class we use such tools as singing bowls, gentle music, silence, breath and energy work to allow us to drop out of our heads and into our hearts. Truly allowing our bodies to be fully supported in every shape, with the use of props, we "hang" out in each supportive shape for 3-5min. ( or as long as it feels good for you!)

Free Range Yoga This is a class to explore the space within your shape. Learn to feel your alignment and feel your structure so you know where your edges are. Then, since your edges are not static, give yourself permission to play with those edges. Explore YOUR shape - whatever that looks like for you - using any and all props to support you in your exploration. This class moves a little slower to give us time to play. We start with meditation and breath work. We find our way into movement through the breath, allowing the breath to guide our movement through the practice. Connect in with your heart and honor anything you desire. This is a class for you and your body. It doesn't matter what it "looks" like, as long as it feels good!

Recovery Yoga  is an all-level yoga class that is open to anyone in any type of recovery and anywhere on their recovery journey! In a sweet and welcoming space we dial into the energy of breath and tune into the transformational power of yoga! We will practice a hatha style flow then
settle into a more yin style with longer held postures. Lastly, we’ll have a meditation with a reading or theme in a circle and share our experiences of strength and hope.

LEVELS *Although there are no real “levels” in yoga and we want you to come exactly as you are, this information is meant to help you make an informed decision about which classes are best suited to your unique body.

Level 1: A moderately paced class, appropriate for those new to yoga as well as seasoned practitioners.

Level 2: A more physically intense class for those seeking a challenging practice, appropriate for “advanced” beginners and seasoned practitioners.

Level 3: Our most physically challenging classes which are best suited to seasoned practitioners.